Saturday, 2 July 2011

Home sweet home!

Firstly big apologies for not being able to daily update the blog. Unfortunately I have not had internet on my laptop this week and writing blogs on my phone (as good as Blackberrys are) would have taken me forever and induced many a headache!

Conference is now over and I am home sweet home! What a brilliant week I have had. Learning new things, networking with lots of interesting people and reaffirming passions for clinical areas.
If you have not been to the Conference before then I would definitely recommend going. Next year’s COT conference is going to be up in Glasgow, Scotland between the 11-14th June 2012 which is meant to be a beautiful city - so why not take the week off work and have a holiday as well as going to conference.

The key message which resounds for me from this years conference is the need for us as OTs to place a focus on helping our clients to:
“Live a life which is not dominated by disability.”

I hope you find my notes and thoughts from the various sessions I attended of both interest and of help to you. If you have any questions or would like to contact me in any way then please feel free. :)

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