Saturday, 2 July 2011

Neurological Practice - Paper Session.

"Exploring the concerns and unmet needs of stroke survivors at six months."
Crow JN, Kilbride C. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
From this study it was revealed that there are six main areas of concern for stroke patients at six months post-stroke. The six areas are as followed:
1.     Loss = pre-stroke lives, independence, identity etc.
2.     Future uncertainty.
3.     Lack of information provision.
4.     Fear - another stroke, recovery, being a burden etc.
5.     Lack of therapy input - in particular vocational rehabilitation and psycho-social elements.
6.     Abandonment and isolation.
I was pretty shocked when I heard of these six areas. Most of them, for example numbers 1,2,4 and 6 I feel that you are almost always going to get to some degree due to the nature of a stroke and the outcomes of them. However for numbers 3 and 5 I feel that these are areas which can and should be stopped from occurring. I am aware that service provision and the NHS in general is rather stretched at the moment but these are two areas which I think OTS could really make an impact in. OTs are well suited to be both advocates and actively signpost patients to other professionals and services who can provide them with the right information and services which can help aid their recover and increase their general well-being.

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