Saturday, 2 July 2011

Forensic Forum - Paper Session.

"Developing social Functioning with OTs and patients with Personality Disorder."
Firstly what is Personality Disorder??

Personality disorders are metal health conditions that affect how people manage their feelings and relationships to other people. They also affect a person’s pattern of behaviour which can become maladaptive and/or socially unacceptable. (NHS)
For further information I have found these sites very useful:

Secondly what is Social Functioning?
Social functioning is the ability of an individual to interact and engage in the normal or usual way of society.
Therefore having looked at these two definitions it is clear to see how an individual with a personality disorder may have difficulties and barriers when concerned with social functioning.
Patients with personality disorders who have social functioning disabilities are more likely to be involved in 
anti-social behaviour, offending or reoffending behaviours.

What is the OT role for developing social functioning with PD patients?
·         Positive relationships/modelling
·         Interpersonal skills – interventions to gain confidence, social skills, practice, vocational rehabilitation.
·         Reduce employment anxieties.
·         Stress and anxiety management.
·         Work/Life balance.
·         Vocational Rehabilitation – needs to be meaningful.
·         Pro-social skills.
·         Occupational focus.
·         Evaluation.
·         Staff support.
·         Grading and adapting.
·         Moving forward in the community.
·         Life skills.
·         Building positive futures.

Implications for OT
·         Helping them understand and develop a ‘good life’ now in order to have a ‘good life’ in the future.
·         OT is central to assessing and addressing social functioning.
·         Opportunities are needed to support a future lifestyle with meaning.
·         Variation in occupational opportunities to encourage the development of social function.

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